Monday, October 24, 2011

Donald wins the PGA Tour Money List and the Race to Dubai

Well it has happened.  Luke Donald has won the PGA Tour Money List for 2011.  More than likely, barring some major comeback from his competitors, he will win the Race to Dubai and claim the European Tour Money List as well.  Kind of what I had in mind when I suggested in my post of 25 July that Luke Donald would win the Race to Dubai and the FedEx Cup.  I thought that the FedEx Cup and the PGA Tour Money List were one and the same – I guess not!! 

Side Note – someone needs to please clarify for me, and many other golf fans, the relevance of the FedEx Cup, other than presenting the winner with some huge amount of money where even the players do not really seem to understand what they need to do to win the FedEx Cup.

So with Luke’s win of the PGA Tour Money List he become the first player history to win both the European Tour Money List and the PGA Tour Money List in the same season.  Certainly a remarkable achievement.  And surely a sure bet for PGA Player of the Year?!

What will I remember from Luke’s play in 2011?  I was fortunate to attend the 2011 US Masters.  I attended the full six days of the tournament, including the practice rounds on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the Par 3 competition (that Luke won – and I was at the 9th hole).  In addition, I was on the left side at the 18th hole on the final day when Luke chipped in for par from off the green to remain in contention.  I will remember my trip to the US Masters for many years.

I am now looking forward to the Dubai World Championship to be held in early December.  I have volunteered to be a TV scorer for all four tournament days.  This will be my first time volunteering so I look forward to experiencing what happens behind the scenes and inside the ropes.  Perhaps by some fortunate coincidence I will have the opportunity to walk the fairways with Luke Donald – wouldn’t that be a wonderful opportunity?

So again, WELL DONE to Luke Donald (follow him on Twitter @LukeDonald) for this historical golf achievement – I suspect it will be a long time before, if ever, the achievement is repeated.  See you in Dubai!!

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  1. It is proof that being consistently good is better than occasionally great.