So who is ARNESTAD on Golf? 

I am a South African Chartered Accountant living in Dubai (and now Abu Dhabi) in the United Arab Emirates (since July 2006).  Since leaving South Africa in 1996 I have lived in the Kingdom of Bahrain, San Francisco and Saudi Arabia.  I am a keen spectator of golf events, both at the course and on TV.  I generally follow the European Tour, only because its hours of play are far more suitable to the time zone in which I live.  Unfortunately my golfing enthusiasm does not match my golfing ability.  I have always been, and probably always will be, a high-handicapper.  Good thing I work as a Chartered Accountant and not a professional golfer.  Find me on LinkedIn here.

Fortunately my golfing ability is exceeded by my writing ability, and hence the idea to combine the two interests.  I hope you will find this golf blog interesting.  I do not expect to update it as frequently as some of the other golf blogs I have seen on the Internet ­– this is just a hobby and is not aimed at generating revenue.

I welcome any feedback that you may have.  You are welcome to contact me on

Greetings from sunny Abu Dhabi,