Monday, June 20, 2011

Major Golf Tournaments – South African Lucky Charm?

I was fortunate to attend, with my mom, the 2010 Open Championship (the ‘British Open’) at St Andrews in July 2010.  What a GREAT experience to attend the 150th anniversary of the Open Championship at the home of golf.  For the event to be won by South African Louis Oosthuizen was just an added bonus.  We were right alongside the 18th hole as he paraded the Claret Jug for the gathered spectators.

And then, as a present to myself for my 40th birthday at the end of April 2011, I attended the 75th US Masters at the Augusta National Golf Course.  The event was won by South African Charl Schwartzel by two strokes in one of the most exciting finishes to the US Masters in recent history.  Again, to be at the US Masters when the event was won by a South African was an added bonus, being the cherry on the cake for an excellent week of golf.

But that leaves me with a question.  Given that I have attended two major championships, and they have both been won by a South African golfer, does that make me a lucky charm for South African golf?  It seems too much of a coincidence to believe anything else.  J

I certainly trust that South African golfers will continue from strength to strength, that Ernie Els will find his rhythm once again, and that my fellow countrymen will go on to win many more major tournaments.  Perhaps I should attend a few more majors just to increase the odds of that happening?

Good Luck to all South African golfers in the major tournaments – you are always included in my European Tour Fantasy Team for the weeks of the majors.  Also, you are welcome to invite me to attend a major golf tournament should you require additional good fortune.  J

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